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My practice is the most progressive and comprehensive approach, using a global perspective to understand these complex children. I network throughout the United States, cross training in all disciplines to understand what molds their unique personalities. This enables me to examine, explain and predict behavior. My pervasive view builds a “child’s functioning profile” of Neuro- Developmental behavior. Paying attention to the small pieces of information, often missed by other professionals, explains what drives these children to do what they do. There’s always a reason, triggering cause and effect. Unfortunately, misinterpretation and lack of knowledge traps a child, their family and school district on a failure chain, sometimes for years.

My style is nurturing and caring, empathizing with the child, because I personally understand their struggle. My method is a systematic practical process crossing all disciplines to finally put “all the pieces together.” It is this problem solving strategy that moves a family and the systems surrounding them from point A to point B.

“Watch and listen to the children
— they will tell you what they need.”

I case manage all systems affecting the child, Psychotherapy, Medication, Academics, Evaluations, Related Services and if necessary, become the expert witness in legal conflicts. I have found that encompassing all these little pieces of information can impact dramatic changes in a child’s functioning behavior. I will utilize every resource available to build a strong foundation to yield a positive outcome to relieve pain and frustration.


My office is located at:  769 East Route 70, Suite C-150, Elmwood Business Center, Marlton, NJ  08053   

Office phone:  856-782-8383

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