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Fee Schedule

Initial Three Office Visits

Office Visit

50 Minutes

50 Minutes

$185.00 each

$180.00 each

Off Site Meetings, Court Appearance, Telephone Conference, & Record Analysis
(there may be additional expenses for travel)

Minimum charge 1 hour then rounded to the quarter hour: $180.00 per hour

A retainer is required for “Expert Witness Court Appearance”.

  • Payment is due at the time of services. I cannot accept assignment from your insurance carrier. I do not bill
    insurance companies, therefore I cannot accept the responsibility to verify your reimbursement.
  • Receipts for services rendered will be provided monthly.
  • A billing charge of $7.50 per month will be assessed for accounts 30 days outstanding, in addition
    accounts 60 days outstanding will be assessed at 18% interest annually, upon full payment.
  • Checks returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $25.00 service fee.
  • Copies of records will be forwarded upon request. There is a transfer fee based on the amount of detail
    required, with fees beginning at $15.00.


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