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In my private practice, 95% of my families receive insurance reimbursement; however I do not bill insurance companies. If you have the option to pick your provider, you should not have difficulties obtaining your reimbursement. If you are locked into an HMO or PPO network that requires you to exclusively see only Professionals on their list, you will not find me on those lists.

My practice is designed to provide the highest level of personalized services. I am trained and continually train to be of the highest quality therapist, I can achieve. To meet these goals I am unable to accept the assignment that insurance companies are willing to reimburse.

I do provide receipts on a monthly basis for you to submit to your insurance company to obtain your reimbursement. Payments for all office visits are required at each session. Payment for all meetings will be billed. A retainer may be required for Expert Witness court appearances.

If you are locked, into an HMO or PPO network and you have not found a professional within your network because your child’s issues are of a complexity that professionals within the network do not have the skills to service you, you can “APPEAL”. You would appeal for a “Single Case Provider”. I have a single case provider status with a number of insurance companies. Successfully obtaining a single case provider agreement would then allow you to obtain some benefit of reimbursement. You would need to speak with your insurance company directly to determine if this is possible. I would be happy to speak to you in detail concerning this possibility when you call.


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