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Example of Neuro-Developmental Disorders

Attention Deficit Disorder:
Inattentive, Impulsive, Hyperactive
Primary, Acquired, Associated

Depression Disorders:
Major, Bi-Polar, Dysthymic, Organic
Mood Syndrome

Behavior Disorders:
Conduct Disorder, Disruptive Behavior
Disorder, Oppositional Defiant
Disorder, Disinhibited Behavior,
Difficult Temperament

Anxiety Disorders:
Generalized, Separation,
Obsessive/Compulsive, Panic, Phobic,
Elective Mutism, Post-Traumatic Stress,
Body Dysmorphia, Over-Anxious,

Tourette’s Syndrome:
Tourette’s Spectrum Disorder, Transient
Tic Disorder

Impulse Control Disorders:
Pyromania, Kleptomania,
Trichotillomania, Intermittent
Explosive Disorder

Autoimmune Disorders Associated with Psychiatric Symptoms:
Pediatric Autoimmune Neuro-psychiatric
Disorder Associated with
Streptococcal (PANDAS)
Lyme Disease, Lupus, Fibromyalgia,
Chronic Fatigue

Pervasive Developmental Disorders:
Autistic Spectrum, PDD/NOS,

Neuro-Developmental Delays
Associated With:

Stereotypic Movement Disorder, Fragile
X, Fetal Alcohol Effect & Syndrome,
Marfan Syndrome, Epilepsy, Cerebral
Palsy, Traumatic Closed Head/Brain
Injury, Organic Brain Syndrome,
Sensory Integration, Left/Right Brain
Integration Dysfunction, Cognitive
Inflexibility, Cognitive Processing,
Hearing Loss, Eating, Sexual Behavior

Learning Disorders & Associated Deficits:
Reading, Expressive Writing, Math,
Comprehension Based Deficiency,
Fine/Gross Motor, Dysgraphia,
Central Auditory Processing,
Visual Processing,
Memory: short, active working,
cognitive processing

Communication Disorders:
Dyslexia, Hyperlexia, Stuttering,
Phonological Disorders,
Receptive/Expressive Language,
Non-Verbal Language,
Pragmatic/Semantic Language



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